Old Erwin Road, Durham, NC

Monday, August 29 to Friday, November 4, 2016

Group workouts weekdays from 10am to 11:30am for 10 weeks. Come as many days per week as you can. A typical schedule would be:
Monday: Swimming/Biking — 45 minutes in the pool with drills and a short interval set followed by a 30-minute bike ride.
Tuesday: Running/Strength — intensity session of running intervals on a track and/or doing hill repeats followed by core strength exercises.
Wednesday: Swimming — drills and endurance sets; video feedback.
Thursday: Biking/Running — 60-70 minutes of riding; 15 minutes running.
Friday: Swimming/Strength/Transitions — drills and speed sets in pool followed by practice of swim/bike and bike/run transitions.
Workouts would be tailored to the abilities and aspirations of participants, accommodating both beginners and experienced triathletes.
Coaches from Triangle Multisport, the most experienced, certified triathlon coaches in the area, would be present for all workouts.
Cost is $400 for general public, $300 for Hollow Rock members.
For more information, see or or contact lead coach, Paul Bloom, at
To register, please complete this form and send a check for $400 (or $300) to “Triangle Multisport” via Paul Bloom, 5407 Taproot Lane, Durham, NC 27705.