Old Erwin Road, Durham, NC

Monday, February 27 to Friday, May 5, 2017

  • Group workouts weekdays from 10am to 11:30am for 10 weeks. Come as many days per week as you can. A typical schedule would be:
    • Monday: Swimming/Biking — 45 minutes in the pool with drills and a short interval set followed by a 30-minute bike ride.
    • Tuesday: Running/Strength — intensity session of running intervals on a track and/or doing hill repeats followed by core strength exercises.
    • Wednesday: Swimming — drills and endurance sets; video feedback.
    • Thursday: Biking/Running — 60-70 minutes of riding; 15 minutes running.
    • Friday: Swimming/Strength/Transitions — drills and speed sets in pool followed by practice of swim/bike and bike/run transitions.
  • Workouts would be tailored to the abilities and aspirations of participants, accommodating both beginners and experienced triathletes.
  • Coaches from Triangle Multisport, the most experienced, certified triathlon coaches in the area, would be present for all workouts.
  • Cost is $400 for general public, $300 for Hollow Rock members.
  • For more information, see or or contact lead coach, Paul Bloom, at
  • To register, please complete this form and send a check for $400 (or $300) to “Triangle Multisport” via Paul Bloom, 5407 Taproot Lane, Durham, NC 27705.